Traffic Fees

Please review the following for instructions on you options for paying traffic citations:

Reinstate drivers license 60.00
Failure to attend driver school 18.00
Proof of valid registration 10.00
Proof of valid drivers license 10.00
Proof of insurance 10.00
D6 Fee 23.00
Handicap parking violation proof of permit 7.50
3 -Year Driving Record 14.25
Lifetime Driving Record 16.25
Proof of Compliance – Tag/Driver License/Registration 99.25
Proof of Compliance – Insurance
Vehicle Defect 94.00
Vehicle Defect Corrected 10.00
Bicycle/Pedestrian/Helmet Infraction
Seatbelt Violation 114.00
Red Light Violation 262.00
Child Restraint 164.00
Handicapped Parking on UTC 184.00
Failure to Stop for School Bus/Railroad Crossing – Eff October 1, 2009 269.00
Passing a School Bus – Mandatory Court – Eff October 1, 2009 369.00
Failure to Yield for Emergency Vehicle 164.00
Failure to Move Over for Emergency Vehicle 134.00
ATV Violation 109.00
Load Dropping Violation 284.00
Motorcycle/Moped Wheels Off Ground/Tag Violation -1st Offense 1,164.00
Motorcycle/Moped Wheels Off Ground/Tag Violation -2nd Offense 2,664.00
Moving Violation (Chapter 316 only) 164.00
Moving Violation DWLS 158.00
Non-Moving Violation (Chapter 316 Only) 114.00
Non-Moving Violation Expired Tag 111.00
Speeding Violations
6-9 Miles Over Limit 129.00
10-14 Miles Over Limit 204.00
15-19 Miles Over Limit 254.00
20-29 Miles Over Limit 279.00
30-49 Miles Over Limit – Mandatory Court 354.00
50+ Miles Over Limit – 1st Offense 1,104.00
50+ Miles Over Limit – 2nd Offense 2,604.00
1-5 Miles Over Limit (School Zone) 154.00
6-9 Miles Over Limit (Construction/School) 154.00
10-14 Miles Over Limit (Construction/School) 304.00
15-19 Miles Over Limit (Construction/School) 404.00
20-29 Miles Over Limit (Construction/School) 454.00
30+ Miles Over Limit (Construction/School) – Mandatory Court 604.00

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