Self Help Packets

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(These Forms are Provided by the Third Judicial Circuit)

Pursuant to Florida  Statute  61.21 cases  involving children  (Dissolution of Marriage with children and Paternity) must  complete  a  parenting  class. Both parents must take the course. The class offers  a guidance for making the best choices for the children during this stressful time.

The course in not offered in person in the Third Judicial Circuit.

Parent Education and Family Stabilization Court- lnternetClasses: (also in Spanish)

Once you have completed the course you will be given a certificate. A copy must be filed in the court file prior to the final hearing.

Information on getting assistance using a Self-Help Coordinator.

If you need help in filing your forms you can call a Family Self-Help Coordinator at
(386) 719-2021.

The Self Help Coordinator WILL explain how to file forms, help set a hearing in front of the judge, explain the procedures involved in filing a case,
inform about additional court requirements, and MAY direct a person to other legal resources.

The Self Help Coordinator WILL NOT give legal advise or explain to a person their legal rights, represent a person in court, tell a person which forms to file,
tell a person how to argue their case or the facts involved.